STUDIOCANAL UK to announce results of Worldwide WICKER MAN appeal!

Following a public search for the original film materials relating to Robin Hardy’s horror classic THE WICKER MAN, STUDIOCANAL UK will be making an announcement about what has been found on Monday 22nd July 2013.

The announcement will be made exclusively in a video message from director Robin Hardy, via the Facebook page that was set up for the hunt:

Since its creation, the Facebook page has attracted comments from fans far and wide, and thrown up rare and fascinating stories from the film’s history, as well as all-important clues as to where the elusive materials might be stashed…

“Over the years, the fate of THE WICKER MAN has been the subject of much discussion amongst the fans,” says Studiocanal’s General Manager UK Home Entertainment John Rodden, “We set up the Facebook page not only to act as a hub for information in the search, but also in order to give fans the chance to discuss their love for THE WICKER MAN, and to expound on some of the wilder myths and legends surrounding the film. The response has been amazing, and we’re so grateful to all the people who have taken the time to join the conversation. We hope they will be pleased with what we’ve found. Look out for the announcement on July 22nd!”

2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the THE WICKER MAN’S original release. In celebration of this and as part of their continuing project to both preserve and showcase classic British cinema, STUDIOCANAL intends to restore and release the most complete version of the film possible.

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