Disaster! What’s your favourite?

ImageDo you have a favourite disaster movie? If so, which one and why? I’m prepping a lecture and I’d like to hear from film fans on whether they’re a devotee of traditional epics like The Towering Inferno or more recent fare such as Twister, Deep Impact or even Gravity.

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2 thoughts on “Disaster! What’s your favourite?

  1. Hi Tony, I’m tempted to say ‘Sharknado’ (2013) for the lolz, but seriously it’s ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ (1972 – was it really that long ago?) Great cast – especially Borgnine and Winters; memorable scenes like climbing the christmas tree; low-tech 1970s effects; and an overall sense of real claustrophobic danger. Love it!

  2. Peter Johnson

    Hi Tony, got to be the Towering inferno for me. Initially taken to the cinema to watch it as a child it really captured my imagination. Stellar cast, high drama ( see what I did there) and fantastic action sequences directed by Irwin Allen himself. This kickstarted my lifelong obsession with movie poster artwork because of the artwork by John Berkey. McQueen was so cool as the fire chief and Newman as Doug Roberts. Love the seventies futuristic building design the scenic elevators etc and the threat of people being charred alive hundreds of feet above the San Francisco skyline. A true cinematic disaster classic.

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