FANTASTIQUE is finished!

Fantastique cover b

Cover art for Fantastique

This time last week I was working flat-out on the index for Fantastique: Interviews with Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Filmmakers after receiving the penultimate PDF of the book from publishers BearManor Media.

It was a long and intricate job: 30 chapters taking roughly 20 minutes each. I finished, weary and half blind, at 2am. Two days later the final PDF came back from John, the designer, and all I had to do was give it a final check before sign-off.

It’s been a pleasure compiling this book – my seventh since 2001. The editorial process with BearManor was smooth and easy, the support welcome and untroubled by ego or demanding behaviour.

So I’d like to thank a few people: Ben Ohmart, John Teehan, Chris Gullo, John Mosby, my wife Danni and, for the awesome cover, the terrific Steve Shaw at Great British Horror, who not only delivered a great, eye-catching image – HE DID IT FREE OF CHARGE.

I can thoroughly recommend Steve to anyone needing a designer. My only problem now is that I’ve run out of favours and the next book is going to cost me. Damn…



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