Made in Yorkshire

Made in Yorkshire


Guerilla Books

Foreword by Ronald Harwood

Twenty years in the making and based upon a succession of exclusive interviews and location reports, Made in Yorkshire looks in detail at some of the biggest (and smallest) movies to be shot in the UK’s largest county. From the inception of the moving picture in 1888 through to a Bollywood film shot partly at a North Yorkshire stately home, this sumptuous book highlights Yorkshire’s place in cinema history.

Together with photographer Jim Moran, Tony Earnshaw chronicles the stories behind some of the biggest titles in British film history. The book features 38 movies plus a comprehensive chronology of the others that have helped put Yorkshire on the map. Among the line-up are KesThe Railway ChildrenRoom at the TopAgathaA Private FunctionBrassed Off and Little Voice. The book is scattered with more than 300 photographs, many of them behind-the-scenes images and some never published before.

Alongside the classics are some films that have been forgotten or overlooked. Who remembers Bette Davis in Another Man’s Poison, filmed on location in Malham? Or Sophia Loren, David Niven and Paul Newman making the epic flop Lady L at Castle Howard, near York? Does anyone remember Lee Marvin almost making A Prayer for the Dying in Leeds? And how many people realise that David Tennant, aka TV’s Doctor Who, once made a movie in Bradford? All this and much more is explored in Made in Yorkshire.

There are interviews with a range of stars and filmmakers. David Tennant and Catherine Tate rub shoulders with Morgan Freeman and Julie Christie. Ken Loach and Brian Glover recall Kes. Ewan McGregor speaks from the set of Little Voice. Yorkshire-born James Mason comments on his birthplace while making The Water Babies. Alan Bennett reveals the background to A Private Function. Ralph Fiennes discusses Wuthering Heights. And Oscar-winning scriptwriter Ronald Harwood, who also writes the book’s foreword, remembers filming The Dresser in Bradford.

Made in Yorkshire is a unique book and the ultimate guide to filmmaking in the Broad Acres.



“It’s great! I had no idea Yorkshire had such a rich filmic heritage. I’m now recommending it to all my friends…” – Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat

“It’s a fantastic book. My favourites… Bette Davis, Malham Cove. It’s worth it for me just for that picture. It’s a great book.” – Christa Ackroyd, BBC Look North

“It’s a big work – it’s massive! It’s all amazing stuff. There are wonderful pictures in the book. It’s fantastic.” – Toby Foster, The Breakfast Show, BBC Sheffield

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And HERE, a reference on Wikipedia in relation to A Prayer for the Dying.

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