Under Milk Wood Revisited: The Wales of Dylan Thomas


Under Milk Wood Revisited cover

Under Milk Wood Revisited cover


(with Mark Davis)

Amberley Publishing

Introduction by Andrew Sinclair

Foreword by Sally Burton




“Dylan Thomas was the self-styled “bombastic adolescent provincial Bohemian” whose wizardry with words ensured his dominion over poverty, alcoholism, self-destruction and ultimately a premature death. He is immortal.

“From the window of his childhood via a voyage across the fishingboat-bobbing sea he stored and sifted the episodes that nibbled at his imagination. Events, people, characters, and places were intricately weaved into a glorious tapestry of religion, sex and death, which has become a timeless memory of Welsh whimsy that never actually existed and yet will live forever.

“Like the tides that Dylan watched from his writing shed perched high on the cliff top in Laugharne, so Under Milk Wood – a “play for voices” that became a spellbinding movie – has drawn millions of readers to make a pilgrimage to the nocturnal quiet of Llareggub.

“In his centenary year this photographic book captures the iconic landscape that fired his passion for language.

“From Swansea’s Cwmdonkin Park via the harbour at Fishguard to the Boat House overlooking the estuary at Laugharne, Under Milk Wood Revisited takes the reader on a journey into the magical associations with the past and the roots that held Dylan Thomas to Wales: the land of his fathers and from which he drew his inspiration.” – back cover blurb


“… an excellent book …” – Andrew Sinclair, writer/director of Under Milk Wood

“For a delicious combination of RB, DT,UMW and stunning Welsh landscapes…this is a must-have book!!!” – Richard Burton Museum website (http://richardburtonmuseum.weebly.com/books.html)



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One thought on “Under Milk Wood Revisited: The Wales of Dylan Thomas

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