Putting the “Grand” in Guignol: A Centenary Tribute to Peter Cushing

1010409_524727724242457_1491139386_nPUTTING THE “GRAND” IN GUIGNOL: A CENTENARY TRIBUTE TO PETER CUSHING (2013) (Ed.)

Reel Solutions

Contributors: Paul Annett, Kevin Connor, Bernard Cribbins, Peter Duffell, John Hurt, Val Kilmer, Kate O’Mara, Peter Sasdy, Barbara Shelley, Uwe Sommerlad

My latest monograph is a 20-page centenary tribute to that gentle man of horror, Peter Cushing. Illustrated with portraits and behind-the-scenes photographs, it includes a complete filmography and features contributions from filmmakers and co-stars such as Bernard Cribbins, Kate O’Mara, Peter Sasdy, Kevin Connor, Peter Duffell, John Hurt and Val Kilmer. Limited to just 250 copies, this one-off publication is available for £5 including P&P in the UK, and £10 including P&P elsewhere in the world. Contact Reel Solutions to pay by bank transfer, cheque and Paypal.

“very moving” – Peter Duffell, director, The House That Dripped Blood

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