Soul of India: A Tribute to Om Puri


Soul of India


National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

Contributors: Ian Aspinall, Chris Bisson, Steve Coogan, Ayub Khan Din, Susan George & Simon MacCorkindale, Rachel Griffiths, Roland Joffe, Duncan Kenworthy, Emil Marwa, Ismail Merchant, Jimi Mistry, Govind Nihalani, Damien O’Donnell, Udayan Prasad

A monograph produced as part of the 6th Bite the Mango Festival of Asian & Black Cinema in September 2000 honouring the prolific Indian actor, Om Puri. He has made hundreds of film appearances straddling British classics (Gandhi, City of Joy) and Hollywood thrillers (The Ghost and the Darkness) as well as art house and blockbuster entries in his homeland. Puri also has a close association with the north of England, starring in My Son the Fanatic, East is East and its sequel, West is West. Contributors include Roland Joffe, Govind Nihalani, Steve Coogan, Ismail Merchant, Ayub Khan Din, Udayan Prasad and Rachel Griffiths.

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