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Foreword by Bruce G. Hallenbeck



The stories behind some of cinema’s great movies by the people who made them. Here, in their own words, are insights, reminiscences and candid comments by the directors (and, occasionally, stars) of films as diverse as The Exorcist, Men in Black, Sleepy Hollow and Twelve Monkeys.

The line-up is truly stellar. William Friedkin rubs shoulders with Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith. Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam recall the creation of their individual and unique projects. Quentin Tarantino talks passionately about Death Proof. And acclaimed newcomer Ben Wheatley, hailed as the saviour of new British horror, reveals the background to Kill List.

Just some of the filmmakers who have made a dent in the genre of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. And all of them interviewed over almost a quarter of a century by myself, British cinema specialist Tony Earnshaw.

The cover design is by Steve Shaw at Great British Horror.

Read journalist Andrew Robinson’s feature on the book and myself here.

Listen to my interview on Hannah’s Bookshelf with Hannah Kate here.

Read journalist Emma Clayton’s piece on the book here.

“Terrific. A collection of the very best from one of the top journalists in the field. Packed with nuggets-a-plenty for the cult film fan.” 8/10 – Jon Towlson, Starburst

“An irresistably worthy addition to the library of anyone with even a passing interest in fantastic cinema. Roll on Volume II.” – Tim Greaves, Cinema Retro

An interesting historical document examining the highlights of fantastic cinema over the past 20 years. Earnshaw, an often great and personable writer, has talked to them all. Fascinating.” – Laurence Boyce, SFcrowsnest

“Throughout the thirty or so interviews spread across the 400 pages of this impressive tome, it is clear that this is the work of a journalist who knows his stuff. All of the interviews are comprehensive, intelligent and thoroughly researched. Anyone can review, but it takes real skill to be a great interviewer. You have to be acutely aware of not just the subject matter, but so many other issues that overlap with the main topic of conversation.  You need to have that ideal mix of informality and reverence for the subject. Something which Earnshaw has in abundance. Fantastique – Interviews with Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Filmmakers is a must read for fans of the fantastical genres, and [for] anyone who even thinks they want to be an interviewer, this is the sort of book that makes you want to be a better writer of interviews. Eye-opening and humbling in its brilliance, this book should be on every journalist’s shelf. – Jim McLeod, Ginger Nuts of Horror 

“Writers, directors, producers and actors talk about their decisions and their opinions [in] a book that deliberately and carefully goes to the source of their original intent. The interviews … go much further than cursory magazine pieces or Twitter-length opinions. The result makes a fascinating, varied landscape to wander through. Recommended.” – John Mosby, Impact Online

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“Nothing to fear but fear itself for fans of cinematic chillers” – The Yorkshire Post, June 1 2016

“Tony Earnshaw’s book of filmmaker interviews, Fantastique, has been my reading matter for the past week or two. Finished it today and have enjoyed it a lot. Reprinting chats and press conference discussions from a few years back turns out to be an unexpectedly lively concept – very interesting to see a pre-Field in England Ben Wheatley confirming, well before that film was made, that it is intended as a Kill List prequel (some made tenuous links after seeing Field but this 2011 interview makes you want to double-bill both movies again); as for Neil Marshall’s 2005 comment ‘That’s what I want to do: feature films. I don’t want to do TV drama’… Second volume soon, Mr. E.” – Darrell Buxton, editor, The Shrieking Sixties, Dead or Alive – British Horror Films 1980 – 1989

“Congrats on the new book. Looks killer.” – Dennis Bartok

“This awesome book” – Andre Overdal, director of Troll Hunter

“An amazing book full of revelation, observation and wit. BUY IT!” – Ashley Thorpe

“Okay, so just when you think you know everything about (and have heard every soundbite from the people behind) our favourite genre movies, up pops Tony Earnshaw and his new book Fantastique. I’m still utterly engrossed with this one. What continually piques the interest in this publication is it’s wonderfully eclectic mix of genre titles. From Batman Begins and The Village through to Cabin Fever and Men in Black. All of the behind the scenes musings are summarily brought together in one cracking volume. Brilliant stuff.” – Andy Ross

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