The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark


Spectral Press (with the collapse of Spectral Press rights for this title have reverted to me)

Foreword by Mark Gatiss

Between 1971 and 1978, during the Christmas holiday period, the BBC broadcast a series of dramas under the umbrella title of A Ghost Story for Christmas, most based on stories by M. R. James and all directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark. In December 2013 Spectral Press published its first hybrid/non-fiction book, The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark, in celebration of those classic short films. Edited and introduced by Tony Earnshaw, author of the highly regarded Beating the Devil – The Making of Night of the Demon; it featured a Foreword by none other than Mark Gatiss (The League of GentlemenSherlockFirst Men in the Moon, The Tractate Middoth); plus all the M. R. James tales from which the dramas were adapted, each prefaced by a new introduction by Clark himself. Additionally, there will also be a reprint of an unfilmed Count Magnus script by Basil Copper, as well as other material including unpublished behind-the-scenes photographs.


Lawrence Gordon Clark is the man who single-handedly realised that most wonderful BBC tradition, the Ghost Story for Christmas. His adaptations of M.R. James are unsurpassed studies in creeping terror. As a fan, this treasure of a book is an absolute must.” – Reece Shearsmith

“Essential reading.” – Jamie Graham, Editor-at-Large, Total Film


“Although 2014 has literally just begun, The Christmas Ghost Stories of Lawrence Gordon Clark should already be a nominee for film book of the year. Spectral Press’s first foray into publishing a hybrid fiction/nonfiction book is an absolute winner and a crucial work on two artisans of terror. Stunningly informative.” 10/10 – Horror News Network (William Burns) Read full review HERE

“in depth … a definitive artistic statement … a celebration of two masters of the venerable English ghost story tradition” – Sparks in Electric Jelly (Jez Winship) Read full review HERE

“If you were a fan of those telecasts, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in looking up this book. This is a collection to consider. Very cool.” – Wag the Fox (Gef Fox) Read full review HERE

“interesting … informative … fascinating. If you loved Lawrence Gordon Clark’s Christmas Ghost Story adaptations but have never read the original M.R. James tales, then this book is pretty essential” – British Fantasy Society (David Brzeski) Read full review HERE

“…content to die for… Earnshaw knows his stuff and how to present it” – Ginger Nuts of Horror Read full review HERE

“excellent … entertaining … highly worth the shelf space” – Impact Online (Jill McDole) Read full review HERE

Read an interview with Lawrence Gordon Clark HERE

“honest and insightful” – SFX


What readers say:

THE CHRISTMAS STORIES OF LAWRENCE GORDON CLARK (Deluxe version) is a book that has blown away all expectations of what a micro press can achieve. The production value is immense, the cloth boards feel lovely, the gold tinting on the front cover and spine make me weep tears of joy. This is an old style book, honouring M.R. James and those devotees of him. Well done to everyone involved with this book. It’s expensive, yes, but worth every penny. A MUST BUY. – Johnny Mains

“Lovely volume” – Charles Prepolec

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