70s Monster Memories

Draft cover for '70s Monster Memories.

Cover art for 70s Monster Memories.

For this first book from the publisher of We Belong Dead I’ve contributed an interview with Dez Skinn, legendary publisher of ’70s magazine The House of Hammer, and an overview of the horror books of Alan Frank. Here is the cover design.


70s Monster Memories was nominated in the 14th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards in the category of Book of the Year. (Position: Runner Up)

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“I can give you and everyone else involved no higher praise than to say I wish I had written it.” – Alan Frank to WBD publisher Eric McNaughton.

“… there is something for every monster lover past, present or future … all the authors’ entries are well written, informative and highly entertaining. This one-of-a-kind limited edition book will sell out fast. Miss it not.” – George E. Warner, The Horror Mood

Many books have been written on the seventies as horror’s golden age; few convey as well as this one does what it was actually like to grow up as a horror fan in that era … 70s Monster Memories captures the whole experience in a mammoth 400 pages [and] makes for a fascinating look at the many faces of horror fandom. The articles are well researched and informative. Many (such as Tony Earnshaw’s interview with Dez Skinn about the story of House of Hammer magazine) take us behind the scenes of legendary TV shows, comics and fanzines. [70s Monster Memories is] not just a hugely enjoyable document of ’70s horror ephemera, but a testament to horror fandom in all its multifaceted glory.” 9/10 – Jon Towlson, Starburst



“Remarkable … a wealth of nostalgia and happy memories … this book is very special … a veritable treasure trove of ghoulish gold. 70s Monster Memories is a phenomenal achievement.” – Nige Burton, Classic Monsters

” … a full-out wallow in 1970s horror nostalgia … There is a reverence expressed here for … the magazine empire of Dez Skinn … that may well intrigue some unfamiliar readers … much of the book was written by a core group of contributors … [and] a few better-known contributors including … Tony Earnshaw (on the books of Alan Frank)… ” – Tim Lucas, Video Watchdog

“an absolute behemoth of an achievement … and a collective of top writers” – Tim Greaves

“an incredibly looking and excellently produced book” – Darren Allison

“the very best of the present celebrating the very best” – Ian Taylor

“I enjoyed your piece on Alan Frank in 70s Monster Memories. Best article I’ve read so far.” – Constantine Nasr

WBD 70s Monster Memories Review Copy058 copy

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  1. And, in a vertically integrated kinda way, during editor Eric’s eight-week Russian vacation, my mail order peeps are merrily mailing them out across the globe! Click below for details…


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