11th Black Book of Horror, The


Cover artwork for The 11th Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)


Mortbury Press

Two Five Seven – Thana Niveau

East Wickenden – Edward Pearce

Slaughtered Lamb – Tom Johnstone

Forgive Us Not Our Trespasses – John Llewellyn Probert

Lord of the Sand – Stephen Bacon

Alma Mater – Kate Farrell

Keeping the Romance Alive – Stuart Young

Teatime – Anna Taborska

Lem – David A. Riley

Flies – Tony Earnshaw

And the Dead Shall Speak – David Williamson

Every Picture Tells a Story – Marion Pitman

The Weathervane – Sam Dawson

Molli & Julli – John Forth

My debut piece of short fiction ‘Flies’ appears in the eleventh anthology collection published by Charles Black and Mortbury Press. Ace Scots illustrator Paul Mudie has designed the cover, which as ever is suitably eye-catching and unsettling. Publication date: 2015.

“I hate flies, but like Flies. How would you feel about it going in The 11th Black Book of Horror?” – Charles Black, June 10 2014.

“I read this before bed last night, although I’m not sure that was entirely sensible. I love the way you change the mood – from everyday walk with the dog (like the Yorkshire-esque place names) to fly filled horrors. Wonderfully visual.” – Andrew Edwards, BBC Radio Leeds.

The Eleventh Black Book of Horror … screams horror from cover to cover, and is an absolute gem. DEFINITELY get your hands on this one if you like to be scared.” – Killer Aphrodite.

“Excellent … a frenzied horror vignette … superb in evocation … I loved the quiet, ominous teaser at the end.” – Matthew Fryer

Book of the Week – Bradford Telegraph & Argus, October 24 2015

What readers are saying…

[Flies by Tony Earnshaw] will make your skin crawl.” 4/5 – I.R. Kerr (on Amazon)

” … a fantastic, disturbing story …” – Daniel McGachey

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