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2016_01_31_rgg-box_fluch-amaraySPEAK OF THE DEVIL: THE MAKING OF NIGHT OF THE DEMON

Dir. Marcus Hearn GB 2007 19 mins

With: Peggy Cummins, Sir Ken Adam, Tony Earnshaw

Filmed in 2007 but shelved for almost a decade following the collapse of the distributor that commissioned it, Speak of the Devil was resurrected in 2016 and can be found on the German release of Night of the Demon from Anolis.


“… a superb 20-minute documentary …”

Check out the IMDB for the Speak of the Devil entry.



Dir. Tony Earnshaw GB 2006 80 mins (adv PG)
With: Jenny Agutter, Tony Earnshaw

Jenny Agutter: A Charmed Career was the fourth of the NMPFT’s Screentalk films and is an edited version of her interview at the 2005 Bradford Film Festival. It features Agutter talking candidly about an acting life that has spanned five decades and a clutch of movies that include sci-fi blockbusters, cult classics and intimate indie dramas. The interview features clips from several Agutter pictures including Walkabout, The Eagle Has Landed, An American Werewolf in London, China 9, Liberty 37 and Sweet Surrender, an uncompleted romantic comedy that eventually metamorphosed into Fanny and Elvis with an entirely new cast.


mikehodgesMIKE HODGES:

Dir. Tony Earnshaw GB 2005 80 mins (adv 15)
With: Mike Hodges, Tony Earnshaw

A unique talent in the annals of contemporary British cinema, Mike Hodges has enjoyed an eclectic career that has encompassed everything from feature films to rock videos. In 2004 he received a complete retrospective of his film work at the 10th Bradford Film Festival and discussed his 40-year career in film and television. His interview, which covers the making of Get Carter, Flash Gordon, Damien: Omen II (from which he was fired) and his ‘re-discovery’ following the American release of Croupier, is a witty and revealing insight into the day-to-day travails of modern filmmaking. Mike Hodges: Uncompromising Poet of the Prescient was the third of the NMPFT’s Screentalk films.


Dirs. Tony Earnshaw, Jim Moran GB 2004 80 mins (adv 15)
With: Jean Simmons, Tony Earnshaw

During a two-hour interview at the 9th Bradford Film Festival in 2003, British film legend Jean Simmons talked through a career in movies spanning seven decades, from the 1940s to the start of the 21st century. Simmons, still beautiful at 74, discussed her films, her co-stars and her marriages to Stewart Granger and Richard Brooks and regaled a capacity audience with stories of Vivien Leigh, Otto Preminger, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Gregory Peck and Deborah Kerr at the height of their Hollywood fame. Jean Simmons: Rose of England was the second in the NMPFT’s series of Screentalk films.


Dirs. Tony Earnshaw, Jim Moran GB 2002 77 mins (adv PG)
With: Richard Attenborough, Tony Earnshaw

During a two-hour interview at Bradford Film Festival 2001, actor, producer and director Richard Attenborough talked through a career in film spanning almost 60 years. Attenborough talks of his collaborations with the likes of Noel Coward, his friendships with theatre legend Laurence Olivier and Hollywood star Steve McQueen, and lifts the lid on a host of epic films including Oh! What a Lovely War, A Bridge Too Far and Gandhi.

The Actors’ Director received its World Premiere during the 10th Bradford Film Festival in 2003. It launched the NMPFT’s series of Screentalk films.


vonwerraVON WERRA
Dir. Werner Schweizer Switzerland 2001 100 mins (tbc) Subtitles
With: Hardy Kruger

This fascinating documentary, hosted by German star Hardy Kruger, reveals the truth behind the legend of WWII Luftwaffe pilot Franz Von Werra – the only prisoner of war to escape from England whose exploits were recreated in the classic film The One That Got Away. Tony appears fleetingly as a contributor.



An Informal Interview with Gunnar Hansen

Dir. Jim Moran GB 2000 21 mins (adv PG)
With: Gunnar Hansen

Tony Earnshaw conducts a revealing Q&A with erudite Gunnar Hansen, the cult actor behind the mask of Leatherface in Tobe Hooper’s seminal shocker The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Conducted at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television during the popular American Nightmares event in June 2000 the interview takes place against an atmospheric backdrop as Hansen talks candidly about the role that made him an icon of modern horror.

Leatherface Speaks received its World Premiere at the 12th Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester in August 2001, where it was screened in competition. It played at the NMPFT in November 2001, was screened during Bradford Film Festival 2002 and was selected for the 2002 Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival in Edinburgh.

Jigsaw Lounge 
“… illuminating … a valuable little curio…”

“… an informative little documentary…”

MJ Simpson
“… would make a perfect extra on a DVD….”

Check out the IMDB for the Leatherface Speaks entry.

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