TV: Burn Hollywood Burn (2007)

Dir. David Howard | 2007 | 4 x 30 minutes | GB | Monster Films | TX date: November 2007


Episode 1: Peg Entwistle (Nov 1 2007)

Welsh-born starlet Peg Entwistle sought fame and fortune in 1930s Hollywood. She found only alcoholism and depression. Frustrated that her hoped-for career was seemingly going nowhere, she committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign. In death she found a form of stardom she could never have anticipated – the infamy of being the first person to kill themselves by jumping from the famous Los Angeles landmark

Episode 2: Rachel Roberts (Nov 8 2007)

The sad story of the tumultuous life of acclaimed Welsh actress Rachel Roberts, a star of stage, screen and television, who committed suicide in Hollywood on November 6 1980.

Episode 3: Mervyn K. Griffiths (Nov 15 2007)

A profile of Mervyn K. Griffiths, the ex-army sergeant from Swansea, South Wales, who for 11 years was the trusted confidante of Mary Pickford, the silent screen goddess. On Pickford’s death in 1976 Griffiths self-published a scurrilous tell-all memoir entitled Mary and Me – An Under Butler’s Story. Lambasted as the ‘Jeeves turned Judas’, he was driven out by Hollywood and ended his days as an alcoholic derelict.

Episode 4: Richard Marquand (Nov 22 2007)

The life and early, tragic death of director Richard Marquand who enjoyed huge success with Return of the Jedi only to succumb to a heart attack a few years later.






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