Film: D-Day Survivor (War I Knew, The)



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Dir. Ian Vernon | 2014 | 98 minutes | GB | (15) | War / Drama

CAST: PAUL HARRISON (Private Johnny Barrows) | GUY WILLIS (Private Filey) | ADAM WOODWARD (Rock) | JAMES BOYLAND (Private Murphy) | SOPHIE SKELTON (Margaret) | RICHARD DOBSON (Sturmbanfuhrer Dickheim) | SEAN CROKE (Private Simpson) | WAYLAND DONLAN (SS Private Braun) | TONY EARNSHAW (SS Scharfuhrer Eisenberg) | SIRI ELLIS (Frau Kruse) | CHRISTOPHER FAITH (SS Private Amsel) | SIMON FLETCHER (Private Johnson) | PETER HUBELBAUER (SS Private Kruse) | MICHAEL LAWRENCE (SS sniper) | JOSH MORAN (Raymond)

“Do you want to play a German soldier in my new film?” asked Ian Vernon. “You’ll get a good death scene!” With that offer in mind I found myself on location at a Lancashire farmhouse on one of the hottest days of the summer of 2012. My role as an NCO in the SS was fairly simple: I would be part of a small band of Germans holding a French farm that would come under attack from a mixed bag of wandering (i.e. lost) allied troops. Sophie Skelton started the ball rolling with a grenade attack. Suddenly I and my fellow Nazis came under withering fire from a close but unseen enemy. The scene is a brief one but it has an old-fashioned intensity. The weapons were not real – cue much pretending and violent vibrating as we sought to bring authenticity to our actions – but the resultant sequence has an authenticity which is tangible.

The film emerged on DVD with a title change to D-Day Survivors-l400



As SS Scharfuhrer Eisenberg in The War I Knew.

Johnny Barrows and his squad attack the French farmhouse.



























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