American Pie 2

American Pie 2 (15)

A SEQUEL was always on the cards, and now it’s here.

In truth it’s the self-same juvenilia that made its predecessor such a hit with teenagers everywhere: a junk-packed diet of sex, soft drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with our heroes (and heroines) now at college and on a mission to get laid.

The entire main cast has returned for the second slice of the Pie, and they’re up to the same tricks. Jim (Jason Biggs) is boning up on seduction techniques, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) seeks a rendezvous with his married lover (who also happens to be his mate’s mum), Oz (Chris Klein) is devoted to monogamy and his girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari) and the indefatigable Stifler (Seann William Scott) sees opportunities wherever there are women.

The scene is set for the greatest party of their lives. Now all they need are the girls…

Perhaps not surprisingly in a sequel of this kind, the acting opportunities are relatively slim, the story instead being built on a series of sight gags and sex-based bedlam.

The various boys bounce off each other as characters that have come to be utterly familiar, particularly the hapless Jim and the frenetic Stifler. The girls, on the other hand, fare badly, slipping in and out of the plot as cardboard-thin ciphers.

Yet this was never meant to be Shakespeare, Chekov or even Monty Python. Instead, it’s a throwback to the National Lampoon films of the early ‘80s and the crass teen comedies that made stars of comic like John Belushi.

Memorable moments in this one include Stifler being given a champagne shower by a girlfriend, only for her to be knocked unconscious and her champagne to be replaced by a student taking a leak from an upstairs balcony.

“How do you make it so warm?” asks Stifler, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Then there’s the one where Jim, anxious to gather knowledge for the sex-fest he hopes will occur at the party, settles down to watch a porn video but, inexplicably, manages to super-glue his hand to his groin. See it to believe it.

Perhaps the best episode involves Stifler and Jim in a competition with two bikini-clad babes who, they claim, will happily show the boys how girls ‘do it’ together is the boys agree to do the same. Cue some giggly sapphic smooching as the two boys watch, their pulses racing. Then they close their eyes and pucker up with each other.

American Pie 2 will delight 18-year-olds everywhere. Much of it is utter nonsense, while little of it is genuinely offensive. Parents will recognise the testosterone-soaked action for the silliness it is, while the brighter teenage audiences out there will see in it all the things that, in legend, occur on student campuses every weekend but which, in reality, only really take place on the movie screen.

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