Comes a Bright Day

Comes a Bright Day

A terrific British cast populates this quirky and gently funny take of a mis-matched boyfriend/girlfriend duo (Imogen Poots and Craig Roberts) as they become mired in a robbery at a jewellery boutique in London’s Mayfair.

Writer/director Simon Aboud’s script makes a virtue of the unexpected as upper-crust Mary and blue-collar Sam observe and engage with a situation beyond their control. In that respect it’s also a masterclass in character acting from some film and TV veterans who smirk, rant, cajole and rage as the plot plays out.

Here making his feature debut, commercials director Aboud wallows in style and atmosphere but fails to satisfactorily elevate his story to something more than slight. Crammed into the 95-minute running time are memories of Dog Day Afternoon as the heist turns into a stifling hostage situation and unhinged robber Cameron (Kevin McKidd) loses the plot.

McKidd is joined by Timothy Spall as the shop’s loquacious proprietor and Geoff Bell as Sam’s martinet boss. Together with Poots and Roberts they bring some genuine indie class to a well-intentioned little comedy-thriller.

And it’s funny. Roberts here graduates to almost-leading man status after his 2010 turn in Richard Ayoade’s Submarine and Poots, so lovely, is rapidly turning into an actor of maturity. The issue is whether Aboud manages to pull off his vision: a film that is one part comedy, one part romance and one part thriller.

In truth he doesn’t but he has fun in trying.


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