Gun Shy

Gun Shy (15)

FIRST it was gangsters in therapy in Analyze This. Now it’s the turn of cops in this creaky and uneven romance-cum-comedy-cum-thriller which wastes the talents of Liam Neeson, Sandra Bullock and even the normally reliable Oliver Platt.

Charlie (Neeson) is in at the deep end in an operation to bring down the bad guys but finds himself unable to concentrate on the job in hand because he suffers terrible flatulence. (Yes, you did read that right).

Desperate for a cure that will put his life back on track, he heads for gastroenterologist Judy Tipp (Bullock, also the producer) who cures him with a barium enema and becomes his girlfriend.

Happy with his innards, Charlie throws himself back into the fray, locking horns with a legendarily vicious hitman, a South American drug baron and a Wall Street money man.

Yet he still finds himself drawn to therapy sessions where he discusses his problems with a bunch of other losers.

If all this sounds vague, pointless and dull, then such is Gun Shy. First-time writer/director Eric Blakeney appears to have no idea what to do with his capable cast and instead meanders through a plot which has more ragged ends than a tramp’s beard.

Neeson sleepwalks through the entire film, Bullock is relegated to a supporting role (as the “enema queen”) and Platt is left to prop up the film by inserting a bit of life into the tired script.

This is one peculiar movie – a comedy which is unfunny, a thriller which lacks spills, and a romance that gets washed away with Bullock’s enemas. Only the therapy sessions, scattered through the plot like Robin Williams comedy sketches, are the saving grace.

Overall, however, this sorry excuse for a film is a waste of celluloid. As a feature film it is reminiscent of Folks, an appalling ‘comedy’ which sought to make fun of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Any film which uses a barium enema as a plot device to create a romance has to be a misfire. In truth it’s about as funny as piles, and about as comfortable to watch.


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